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Terms of payment:

All bookings must be paid for in advance when the reservation is made. Payment must be made online via Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard or Maestro. Other credit cards are not accepted. There are no payment fees. All payments will be made in Serbian currency – dinar (RSD). The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained by converting the price in shown currency into Serbian dinar according to the current exchange rate of the Serbian National Bank. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations/your issuing bank. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our website and your credit card bank statement. Thank you for your understanding

Boshphorus assist, roadside assistance

Bosphorus Hotel provides consultancy services offering breakdown cover valid in Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia for 7/24 and 365 days a year. This policy offers roadside assistance and recovery to a garage if a vehicle breaks down. In these countries, in case of a break down, this policy arranges local and approved tow-truck/crane, service of the brand of the vehicle, with prices that have been arranged between the vehicle brand and Bosphorus. The prices are checked by Bosphorus, so that the customer is not mistreated by any other party during their journey through the 3 countries. All expenses that customers are obliged to pay, are monitored by Bosphorus and they are fair and are reflecting the actual costs of service/product.

The use of the package starts when the payment is received. There are no limitations for brand of the car or year manufactured. There are three different packages, 1. Serbia, 2. Serbia+ Bulgaria and 3. Serbia+Bulgaria and Macedonia. Each customer downloads an app that has been created for this purpose, enters with his/her username+ password and uses it to send his/her location to the call center of Bosphorus Assist. All the arrangments after call received are made by Bosphorus Assist. The contents of the package and the limitations are listed below.

Roadside assistance/ towing

Members of the package can benefit from being towed to a nearest service location (approved by Bosphorus) in case of fault, accident or any burn situation in the vehicle which causes the vehicle to stop. Clients send their location through the SOS button on Bosphorus Assist app. In such cases, this package enables the member to be towed to an authorized service. The towing payment is done by Bosphorus Assist, while the cost of repair of the vehicle is paid by the customer. In situations where the member requests another service (other than the assistance that Boshporus provides) this policy does not cover the transportation cost to the requested service.


In situations where the vehicle gets off the road as a consequence of an accident, Bosphorus a crane, to recover the vehicle. If there is a load that prevents the towing of the vehicle, members of the policy are required to unload the load themselves.


In case if the vehicle keys get lost or are left in the car, and there is no spare key, then Bosphorus arranges a locksmith to the location. The repair costs are not covered by Bosphorus Assist, only the arrangement and the transportation cost of the locksmith to the location where the vehicle is. If the key cannot be fixed within 48 hours, then Bosphorus Assist arranges 4-star hotel accomondation for the customer and other passengers that were in the car 2 adults + 3 kids, breakfast included. Also if customer requests rent a car services, Bosphorus can arrange that too.

Spare parts that are not available

In cases where there are no spare parts that are needed for the recovery, Bosphorurs makes the necessary arrangements and finds the spare parts in Turkey, from an authorized service provider. The policy covers the expenses of transport for the parts up to 10kg. Other expenses are not covered. After the approval of the members, the transport of the parts is arranged. Spare part costs are not covered under the policy. In cases where the transport of spare parts lasts around 24-48 hours, then Bosphorus Assist arranges 4-star hotel accommodation (2 adults + 3 kids, breakfast included). If customer requests other accommodation than the one provided, Bosphorus is not responsible for those expenses. All prices charged to the customer are first approved by Bosphorus, so that they reflect the actual price of the unit.

Professional driver

In cases where the driver of the vehicle gets hurt or injured (if no passenger in the car is eligible to drive the vehicle) Bosphorus arranges a professional driver, (if requested) Bosphorus Assist also helps to get the driver to nearest medical aid location or hospital if needed.

Change of tires

In cases where the tires of the vehicle get damaged or the wheel trim gets broken, Boshporus arranges towing and has the tires or wheel trims changed or repaired. Clients give necessary information through Bosphorus Assist app, and Bosphorus makes the necessary arrangements and sends the closest and authorized service provider to the exact location where the car is. The expenses of the parts and workmanship are not covered under the policy, while the towing is under the coverage.

Fuel support

In situations where the vehicle runs off the fuel, Bosphorus provides the members with necessary fuel up to 10lt, or has the vehicle towed to the nearest gas station. The client is charged only the price of the fuel. In winter, in cases where the fuel freezes, Bosphorus assists the customer with necessary service.


In cases where the vehicle recovery lasts up to 72hours, Bosphorus provides accommodation services. With the condition that the vehicle is towed with the arrangements provided by Bosphorus, the accommodation costs will be covered by the policy. The accommodations provided are for up to two adults, three kids, minimum four star hotels, including breakfast. Other extras are not under the cover of the policy.

Bosphorus hotel discount

All members of the package can benefit from 10% accommodation discount at Bosphorus Hotel in Aleksinac/Serbia in the course of their membership.


Boshporus does not cover the expenses that occur under the below listed conditions:

  • Bosphorus is not responsible for damages before the membership or after the membership expires-
  • any other fraudulent or deliberate movements by another person that act as a customer
  • any indirect loss or damage
  • expenses caused by flood volcanic eruptions, extraordinary events such as storms and meteor falls
  • strike actions, actions and actions taken by the competent authorities to manage their content and their effects on the actions taken at the moment of the terrorist attacks
  • armed forces security forces or organizations operations
  • nuclear radioactivity events
  • members under the effect of the drugs that have toxic or narcotic effect, and that are under the influence of alcohol
  • members that does not have a driving license appropriate to the class of the vehicle
  • inappropriate carriage of passengers, pets or goods that are not in line with rules and transportation laws, or are above the vehicle capacity, and may cause damage to the vehicle
  • fuel-based objects or other flammable explosive or toxic substances carried in the vehicle
  • Participation of a beneficiary in:
  • Racing rally or similar trials practice
  • criminal movements
  • bets
  • alcohol medicines taken out of the medical prescription drugs, toxic substances, drugs and diseases or pathological conditions that arise with the daily consumption of these products on the vehicle
  • in cases where winter tires should be mounted but are not
  • in cases where winter chains should be put on tires but are not
  • Bosphorus assist is not responsible for personal and valuable belongings if they are forgotten/ stolen in car while in service
  • The right to refuse service requests that are not in compliance with legal rules and principles are reserved.

Bosphorus Assist does not give any validity of any documents or services issued without authorization.

Use of email addresses for newsletters and promotional material:

BOSPHORUS is entitled to use the email address used to make the booking to issue e-newsletters and promotional material. BOSPHORUS will only promote its own products. The customer may at any time request to be removed from the mailing list and to no longer receive newsletters and promotional material by email. Requests for removal from the mailing list can be sent by email to info@bosphorushotel.rs; please state the email address to be deleted from the mailing list. Removal can also take place via the link found at the bottom of all newsletters and promotional material.